This PC turned out better than I had hoped!

Published on Aug 12, 2021
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Skunkworks 2021 is finally done! I hope you guys enjoyed the series and maybe learned some stuff as well.

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  • jjay8319


    13 hours ago

    If I could I would try to run sli. It just looks a bit odd without having a second GPU in skunkworks. Other than that is looks great!!
    RIP sli 2019😩😩 gone before I could get a chance to play around with it.

  • Funoob02


    15 hours ago

    Its beautiful



    2 days ago

    LOL Graphicscard use also a 24 PIN cable nowadays... How far have we come?

  • Kyle Jaeger

    Kyle Jaeger

    4 days ago

    Jay I got a request, how do we reach out to you?

  • terry cook

    terry cook

    4 days ago

    no cool air intake?

  • Copeur


    4 days ago

    9:16 had to watch that effect 5 times.. I love it

  • Markus Pontet Piccolomini

    Markus Pontet Piccolomini

    5 days ago

    XD XD at least I ain't the only one with the multiple RGB programs for DRGB's XD XD

  • Jason Thang

    Jason Thang

    5 days ago

    A Stats panel to block the PSU window would be better than the CF Vinyl.

  • Knarf


    6 days ago

    So sexy

  • hlucn8tn


    7 days ago

    I love when people tell people their temperatures for their gpu and cpu without telling us their ambient room temperatures. Those mean nothing when you have no idea how cold or hot the environment is for the computer. I do like the build but to be honest I have seen you do such better work in the past with more aesthetically pleasing choices. I am still building with, dare I say it...soft tubing. Like it is some kind of mistake or sin. I don't think hard tubing is worth the trouble to be honest. My soft tubes are straight and I use fittings to make any turns or curves to get that same linear effect. I could easily replace the tubing with hard tubes considering I designed the build on CAD before attempting it, to make sure my measurements were correct and that the layout would work as intended. I have had some hardware issues (which were no fault of my own) and have had to take my computer apart several times while dealing with RMA's and such. I think I would of had a lot more trouble doing the repairs with hard tubing, with my huge hands, than I did with just twisting the fittings and soft tubing out of the way. I love your channel Jay, I have been watching you since you started and appreciate all the help you have provided to me personally along the way regarding liquid cooling.

  • Tushar Sharma

    Tushar Sharma

    7 days ago

    Music name please

  • Daniel Morelli

    Daniel Morelli

    7 days ago

    Jay you should be able to control the ASUS board RGB in Corsair’s iCUE software as long as the armoury crate software or whatever is still installed , just a heads up

  • Markymike Gonzalez

    Markymike Gonzalez

    7 days ago

    The geforce logo on your GPU disconnect while connecting the RGB cables to motherboard header or moving GPU around . It happens a lot.

  • timothy evans

    timothy evans

    8 days ago

    Basic thermaltake seamen

  • timothy evans

    timothy evans

    8 days ago

    Jay do a phase changing refresh for the noobs

  • timothy evans

    timothy evans

    8 days ago

    he's a nice chap. And big fan of ek

  • pm modi

    pm modi

    9 days ago

    Jayz arms is like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Eric Campana

    Eric Campana

    10 days ago

    I need a part list here ngl since i am kinda wanting to build something similar but i need the components you used badly

  • Mr Cao

    Mr Cao

    11 days ago

    Id get the GeForce RGB working... OCD triggered!!!

  • Threadripper4209


    11 days ago

    Horrible build but powerful hardware

  • Greggulus


    11 days ago

    RGB software really sounds like some one needs to start open sourcing their stuff and soon. It's not rocket science.

  • Jamie Keyland

    Jamie Keyland

    11 days ago

    i have recently turned my radiator the other way after watching some videos about that

    • Jamie Keyland

      Jamie Keyland

      11 days ago

      i have been watching your show im a fan

  • Nihilus


    12 days ago

    pmma is acrylic

  • Ross Martin

    Ross Martin

    13 days ago

    Been watching your channel for years Jay. Great to see you continue to reinvent Skunkworks. Awesome man.

  • fflanaganus


    13 days ago

    Jay can you do a how to to set up an alternative OS for us who do not wish to trash our old pc so one could run win 11.

  • Dougie 91

    Dougie 91

    13 days ago

    Love these kind of vids . Reminder of what goes into them ,noob and pro alike.

  • 3rd World Gamer

    3rd World Gamer

    14 days ago

    Where does this man gets his music for the B-rolls? Sounds sooo good.

  • BobbyDuke


    15 days ago

    oh what was that one movie, was it thorium?

  • BobbyDuke


    15 days ago

    This looks like Romulan technology

  • Robert Lawrence

    Robert Lawrence

    15 days ago

    I notice there is only one loop covering both GPU and CPU. Would you not get cooler temps if you had separate loops?

  • thomas


    16 days ago

    Hey big fan long time, question why do we never see you test out bykski and barrow custom cooling parts? Cant see it possible that you Linus or gn don't know about those brands by now?

  • Jacob Simmons

    Jacob Simmons

    17 days ago

    Oh Jay, you can connect all of those things into a commander pro or the corsair products with a $12 cable off amazon that is Corsaid LED cable to ARGB cable and you can control it all into icue instead of armoury and the other terrible software! Way easier.

  • TwoJayZedTaurus


    18 days ago

    I think kyle from Bitwit dyed his hair as a tribute to this build.

  • Nextwave1980


    18 days ago

    Looks great! :) Now put it to work getting those warships!!

  • nuke7


    19 days ago

    I'm tired of just WATCHING how much work custom water cooling is in a montage... 🤣😂

  • Hellraiserzzz


    20 days ago

    Why don't you use SignalRGB to control all the RGB lights with a single software?

  • IdoNOThaveaBoss


    20 days ago

    What color does it have whens it´s not angry? 🤣

  • B Gross

    B Gross

    21 day ago

    You could also use Winget in terminal to speed things up.

  • Shawn Inlow

    Shawn Inlow

    21 day ago

    What I would change is whos desk its sitting on. =) I love it. Thank you for going with green. Some day I will get to build a system like yours.

  • Cold


    21 day ago

    OpenRGB is a Godsend.

  • James Kerr

    James Kerr

    21 day ago

    if size matters dont buy Corsair mung

    • James Kerr

      James Kerr

      21 day ago

      couldnt you have put a 360 on the side fans

  • Juggernaut


    22 days ago

    one day i'm gonna have enough money to build a machine like this.. great stuff!!



    22 days ago

    My wife looked at this and my comment was "He is really good at the water cooling builds", but this is another level build. Not my thing, but I have to admire the skill and planning.

  • Daniel Anskaitis

    Daniel Anskaitis

    22 days ago

    If you’re going to put so much time into the internals I would have custom painted the case. A green anodised paint would look awesome on the PSU case and grills.

  • Official_CommanderHale


    22 days ago

    can't wait to do a custom loop on my build. looking to get a 3080, water block it and utilize 3 360mm rads. It'll be quite something if it works out the way I want it to.

  • Bilb Ono

    Bilb Ono

    22 days ago

    to my knowledge, all EK products and all products that have a dRGB interface can be connected to an iCUE hub with a simple passive adapter cable

  • Gilbert Pabalinas

    Gilbert Pabalinas

    23 days ago

    Damn Jay, that's so SEXY!!! Is that a banana in my pants or am I just happy to watch this video? LOL

  • Ethan Everett

    Ethan Everett

    23 days ago

    Yo can you tell me the parts I need to build a pc that can run gta 5 online, fivem, and fortnite I’m trying to build my first ever pc I just don’t know what parts to get

  • Tonster _

    Tonster _

    23 days ago

    How long until we get another skunkworks build video LMAO

  • Severnia


    23 days ago

    PMMA tubing IS acrylic, just just using an abbreviated form of its chemicals name. it is also chemically compatible with glycol and will not cause any issues.

  • Daniel Ekedahl

    Daniel Ekedahl

    24 days ago

    How is the temps and noise? how much rpm are you running?

  • Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar

    24 days ago

    A reservoir filled to the brim is so... Satisfying 😌😌😌

  • MrMarrok657


    24 days ago

    i had one of your videos randomly come on my suggestions. after watching a couple i decided to build a gaming pc, started getting a parts list going and was pretty let down by the state of graphics cards. Fafnir 2.0 is stuck in limbo, not only because of parts but my own decisiveness. my problem and hopefully i can get your advice or some from others, should i wait for a dedicated graphics card or go with something like a Ryzen 7 5700G and deal with lower settings? (not a problem i play ps4 lol). also a mobo suggestion that can be used with that and possible future cpu upgrades

  • Aaron Schell

    Aaron Schell

    24 days ago

    Unrelated and am sorry, not sure what to do here. Trying to move OS from hdd over to new ssd as I will literally only do this once, I don’t want to spend 50 bucks. Is there anyway at all to make this happen at all ?? Help please.

  • Nicodemus


    25 days ago

    i dig the frosted tubing

  • I'm Just Lee

    I'm Just Lee

    25 days ago

    Green Goblin

  • OG Gamer

    OG Gamer

    25 days ago

    Il take delivery any time this week thanks lol.

  • Ntropy


    25 days ago

    How about using SignalRGB to control your RGB components? Never used it myself, but looks promising for when you have multiple brands and don't want to deal with all the different proprietary software packages.

  • Twistedz


    26 days ago

    The fuck are the specs?

  • Tim Foley

    Tim Foley

    26 days ago for your next ac case mod

  • Eric Nans

    Eric Nans

    27 days ago

    Hey man I have a corrupt AMD Driver in four of my 6800 do you have a video on how to fix them? Or could I mail one to ya for troubleshooting?

  • Alpha Virii

    Alpha Virii

    28 days ago

    Will 12mm Corsair Hydro Xt frosted pmma tubing fit Promochill 1/2" revolverSX fittings? Can't find this anywhere...

  • KLTechNerd


    28 days ago

    Dude can you put your videos together so I can make blue ice better. Blue is is air cooled but now I might switch to water cooled. That tubing looks good.

  • Mach29


    28 days ago

    If this were my PC, I’d add some white colors to the build and call it “Blacktron” (look up Blacktron II for reference).

  • Xander Visser

    Xander Visser

    28 days ago

    Really like this build and tbh your build inspired me to do a watercooling build. My last was 14 years ago 😂
    One downside to the 5000D black IMO (and guess your 7000d is the same) is the darkness of the glass side panel 😕

  • Ramtin Nazeryan

    Ramtin Nazeryan

    28 days ago

    Regarding the cables in the packaging if the roll them instead of bending it is way easier to retrain them

  • Berserk Berserk

    Berserk Berserk

    28 days ago

    beautiful machine and the montage is perfectly on point.

  • Sykrid


    28 days ago

    I personally think there could've been a lot more customization to this build for example BitWits Hotline 2.0 is absolutely perfect but of course that's just my opinion

  • Gustav MH

    Gustav MH

    28 days ago

    and you can be sure we gonna aske for a video with the new ryzen in skunkworks ahahahahaha

  • CadetSparklez


    28 days ago

    fitting 4 fans doesnt mean its a full tower...

  • Manc268


    29 days ago

    looks awesome & another great video from this channel

  • Ben Watkin

    Ben Watkin

    29 days ago

    All that rgb software... Have you tried OpenRGB?!

  • Musical Companion

    Musical Companion

    29 days ago

    why were you using a hack saw to cut tubing?

  • somedeveloperblokey


    29 days ago

    Who is this t-shirt salesman, pretending he builds computers? HAHA!! Never mind!
    He finally stopped talking and proved he knows very little about PC building, but knows how to make a simple thing look and sound complicated! Only an imbecile would drill holes in metal, inside a case with a motherboard in it! A professional would strip the case out before doing that - but not this boy!!

    • geokoukou


      28 days ago

      @somedeveloperblokey Clearly it seems that you never held a drill in your hands. And you don't know anything about modding. You are only here to judge when you don't even know how to drill a hole.

    • somedeveloperblokey


      28 days ago

      @geokoukou I can see that this isn't going to be a teachable moment for you. Clearly, you lack everything needed.

    • geokoukou


      28 days ago

      Strip the case when he has to do 1 hole at the bottom with low speed drill and the mobo is placed at the top and half covered with blue tape?? Ahahahahahaha you are the hilarious one man .

  • Christian Salgado

    Christian Salgado

    29 days ago

    Long time fan here! I'd love to pay you for your consultation and advice on a PC build I want to do! Please reach out!

  • JRHawker12


    29 days ago

    My only tip is to make it a little easier for people to find the parts before this one. So new viewers can start from the beginning of the build process

  • Dylan Nunley

    Dylan Nunley

    Month ago

    In love with this build

  • Just Some Guy *was Hwd_Jbm*

    Just Some Guy *was Hwd_Jbm*

    Month ago

    Jay - you asked what we might do differently: I can't really comment on the water cooling aspects of the build, as I have no experience with it, but cable-wise I do have a couple of ideas. 1 of them I won't bother describing, as it's still kinda vague, and I'm not sure if I even like it, but the other is from an old modular PSU I had.
    Are you familiar with a brand called Ultra? I recall seeing that some people had issues with them, & mine eventually died, so... 🤷‍♂️ Aesthetically, though, they looked pretty cool, especially the cables. Instead of just wrapping the wires of 1 cable with braided sleeving, they used appropriately sized UV-reactive semi-transparent tubing, that fitted perfectly into custom cable fittings. I can't remember all the colours they did, but the UV green cables would go well with this version of Skunkworks. I don't know if anybody else makes cables like that anymore, but I'm sure you could achieve it yourself if you wanted to. 😀

  • Raymond89


    Month ago

    Haha, Is this going to be used or is it another background pc for the next few years ?

  • John D'Andrea

    John D'Andrea

    Month ago

    Blacklight that B!

  • feral kitten

    feral kitten

    Month ago

    take it back i like the green, just needs frosted res

  • Valkyrie743


    Month ago

    im digging the frosted tubing!!! would be cool if the res tube was frosted as well.
    can you make a update video on what you are getting for temps with the way you set this up

  • lunalicrichard


    Month ago

    I like it a lot !



    Month ago

    I need help plz
    I have a asrock b450 hdv 4.0 and I got a amd ryzen 3100 and my pc isn’t turning on and video out put when it went on acouple times.
    Also recommend me something if I got something wrong thank you

  • james timmons

    james timmons

    Month ago

    ok someone please help me here.i really really want to use frosted tubing on my build but i cant for the love of god find any of it anywhere,please jay link me where you get yours from or if anyone else can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it!!! thanks!

  • Ricky


    Month ago

    What I would change if this were mine: Put everything I see here in my gunmetal Caselabs case I bought back in 2016 and never used (but am happy I bought)

  • R-Evolution_v1 Gaming

    R-Evolution_v1 Gaming

    Month ago

    It "philled" the space nicely

  • Walbanger G

    Walbanger G

    Month ago

    Hey Jays I’ll pay you to build me a gaming rig your the the BEST

  • Njål Nilssen

    Njål Nilssen

    Month ago

    PMMA: Poly Methyl MethAcrylate, basicly the same as "Plexiglass" or "Acrylic"...

  • Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    Month ago

    Looking good Jay!!! Loving the montage Phil, my 2 year old loved dancing round the room to the music 😁 I wonder what colour the fluid looks like with Phil's colour blindness? Probably like cloudy cider or pee 🤣

  • Ignus Fast

    Ignus Fast

    Month ago

    That's LOVELY! Fantastic job, especially after all of those shenanigans. :)

  • Reed


    Month ago


  • Todd Farley

    Todd Farley

    Month ago

    As you were talking about drilling through the floor the only thought i had was, how awesome would it look with those GPU cables tied together if they ran straight through the floor. I guess cut your hole just big enough for them, but with that i dont know if you could order a rubber seal that would be soft enough to fit over the cables and still able to seal up the floor to make it look clean. Just a thought.

  • eric cardinal

    eric cardinal

    Month ago

    I was wondering if actual copper pipes are a good or bad idea for my water cooling solution?

  • Dean Owens

    Dean Owens

    Month ago

    Big kudos for the awesome B-roll. That green effect was dope AF.

  • C C

    C C

    Month ago

    use a sharpie core in distilled water its better especially in the dark

  • David Le

    David Le

    Month ago

    Seeing old Skunkworks in the background reminds me of order 66 being executed 🤣

  • JorritMorrit


    Month ago

    Pmma is actually really easy to make yourself. I once did it for my chemistry studies.
    Based on the structure I would not think the polymer chain will be cleaved by the solvents used. The only thing that might happen, but would even be happening more in pure water especially if it's very basic or acidic, is reaction with the side groups. Polymers are very sterically hindered by the bulkiness of the molecules so reaction won't happen very fast, but slowly over time the material properties might change a little due to the reaction of the methyl esters degrading into acid groups. I don't think the reaction with glycol is something to be concerned about. Glycol is a much bigger molecule than water and should have a way harder time reacting with the ester bonds than water molecules and it is pretty polar so won't dissolve the pmma very fast, especially in combination with water. It could be smart however to measure the pH of the mixture used and try to keep it close to 7, maybe eved add some (electrophilic / non-nucleophilic) buffer salts, whithout oxidative metal ions of course, in order to maintain the pH over time.
    "PMMA swells and dissolves in many organic solvents; it also has poor resistance to many other chemicals due to its easily hydrolyzed ester groups"
    From the wiki page of pmma
    Hydrolyzed meaning the reaction of the methyl esters with water forming acid group, thus the possible usefulness of buffer salts.

    • JorritMorrit


      Month ago

      Or use dried methanol as liquid lol. Guaranteed no hydrolysis of the methyl esters.

  • Macrepid WETNURSE

    Macrepid WETNURSE

    Month ago

    Loop Mod Game STRONG!

  • Pi


    Month ago

    Bittersweet there isnt actually a part 6 of this series...